Boredom is the virus I got this morning and I’m looking for a cure. I’m walking down the street of kingdom Boredom (that rhymes), everything, I mean EVERYTHING is painted gray, no,should I say black and white…

Okay now, let me digress. Gray is no longer considered a dull colour. Not too long ago, gray hair colour was the new black. It has this techy-kinda-yet-classy look on a person. I LOVED it. I love it. (Still do). Its fresh shaa. I don’t know what’s up with girls dyeing their hair now(but its cool and popping). The trending colours are purple & blue (according to what I’ve seen). Some peeps are even using two(and more) colours. One for the hair,then another for tips. Pics below. *thinking out loud* If I’m to dye my hair, err…most likely purple or just purple tips (watch out world😁).

Back to my journey into ‘Boredom’. The citizens are very annoying. They have a way of dulling EVERYTHING. Most of the adults present were teachers and they ruled the place with pride. The children and teenagers there, were mainly headed towards Sleep Avenue,where some students had already built mansions there. I keep on strolling in and out of Sleep Avenue,till I decided to pick up my pen. It rode me fast out of Boredom into Reality. My pen told me it would be okay , just needed to put down some ink! TheBlackGazelle



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