My kind of guy!

There’s this guy I know, we met some years back and I’ve fallen soo deeply in love with him. Every time I look at my life, I wonder ‘ What would I be without him?’. He is the air I breathe, he is truly my everything. The kind of love that we share, is not the kind you see in movies, his love is one-of-a-kind. His kind of love doesn’t make me unable to eat or unable to think right. His kind of love is true, he has given me his promise to love me till the very end of time. His love is everlasting and I hold on to that. When he’s around, I feel there’s nothing I can’t do (EVERYTHING is possible with him), I feel I can touch the sky. I’ve done a lot of things to hurt him but he loves me still. I ask him what I can do to repay him for all his kind deeds, he tells me “It is finished”. He says what I can do to please him is to have him forever in my heart and to acknowledge that he is my saviour and there is no one like him.

Do you want to know the name of my awesome guy? He is the King of all kings, the Lord of lords, the ‘I am that I am’. His name is Jesus Christ and he also wants to have a relationship with you. Would you please open your heart unto him today? To be in your heart to stay, till eternity to be your personal Lord and saviour? Please say yes to Him, he’s knocking at the door of your heart!



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