The quest for ‘uniqueness’


People often mistake the concept of being ‘unique’ with being weird. One thing I feel people don’t get is that you being unique doesn’t automatically mean ‘weird’. You may appear quite normal while being yourself, but when people see you, they wonder. They be like ‘I don’t know, there’s just something different about her/him’.:DNow that’s unique! We don’t all have to appear weird to prove we are unique.

Let’s flip the coin. Sometimes you may actually be different in your own way but you’re called weird. What do you do? Take a reality check, to see if you’re actually unique (in your own way)or just being weird. In all, be yourself.

One thing that people don’t know is that there are lot of unique weird stereotypes everywhere. On Planet Earth. On their quest to ‘uniquedom’, they go gaga. Thus, making being ‘unique’ common. Although, there are people who are actually unique but seen as weird, when they are just being themselves. An example is moi. Some peeps call me “weird” when in real sense I don’t actually see anything ‘out there’ in me.

Rounding up this musing, be yourself (I know it sounds cliché), okay, let me correct that: Be yourself, by being who your creator made you to be, by fulfilling purpose. Fulfill purpose without doing so to please any man but  putting God first in all. TheBlackGazelle has spoken. Once again dare to be unique, but don’t go to the extreme, becoming Captain Weird & loosing the true you (the God-made you) in the process.


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