Judge Not Scripture Out of Context


I read this on a blog* this morning and I fell in love with the article. A lot of people are misusing and misunderstanding the Word of God and need to see the light. I personally had a clearer understanding of this particular scripture.

” ‘Judge not’, found in Matthew 7:1, may be the most misused phrase in Scripture. An increasing number of people, including Christians, use it to rebuke people who advocate God’s moral principles, especially those principles that oppose popular culture.

But Matthew 7:1-4 doesn’t teach against judgment; it teaches against hypocritical judgment. Pulling the words “Judge not” out of context distorts the meaning and contradicts the rest of Scripture.

God tells us to judge:
1. Bad companions –
1 Corinthians 15:33
2. False teachers – Matthew 7:15-20
3. Sin and unrepentant sinners –
Ephesians 5:1-13Matthew 18:15

God also tells church leaders to judge sinning members (1 Corinthians 5;Matthew 18:15-17).

We must judge ourselves and our motives first (Matthew 7:1-4), but when we have done that, it is God’s will that we judge sin and sinners. Not only does it benefit the church, it rescues and restores the sinner (James 5:19-20 ; Matthew 18:15).”
Stay blessed!😇



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