God is Not Dead!


I hope this inspires someone….

Failing sucks,
It sure does.
Hands deep down in pockets
Head down.
Walking through the valley of damnation
Feels like a pitch dark alley
With attackers lurking around
In closed areas.
He feels like this is the end
Of the road for him.
The final bus stop
And the driver refuses to go on.
He wants to commit suicide.
He just cannot go on
With the stench of failure,
The agony of defeat.
He feels like the clouds
Did more than just rain down
Cats and dogs
Feels more like elephants
And buffaloes
He screams at the heavens
That is the only word
That seems to be entwined
With his gray matter.
Swimming in the pool
Created by his unending tears
He finally comes to realization
And acknowledges that
God is not dead.
            –‘Fiõda G.                 TheBlackGazelle…


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