I Believe.

textgram_1451180272.pngI wrote this poem a long time ago. Well, precisely February,2014. How time flies! Very soon 2016 will be knocking at the door…

I believe in God
I believe in love
I believe in art
I believe in the rain
I believe in pain before gain
I believe in peace in Nigeria
I believe that the phrase
‘Peace in Nigeria’ could be used
As an example of simile
: As peaceful as Nigeria
Rather than as an example of irony
:Nigeria is a peaceful country
I believe in myself
That I can do all things
Through Christ who strengthens me
I believe in the color purple
I believe the grass on my side
Will grow greener
I believe in the Word of God
I believe in having dignity
And self respect
I believe in good books
I believe in waiting for the right time
I believe everyone is beautiful
You just have to search it out
I believe the sky is my limit
I believe in angels on earth
To make my life better
I believe that I’m a character in
A movie\book called Life
I believe in miracles
I believe in making mistakes
At first
I believe happiness
Comes first from within
I believe in trusting less
– ‘Fiõda G.



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