Breaking the Shell

Finally the shell is cracking off without damaging the egg within.
I performed a poem of mine in spoken word for the first time ever, on Saturday.This was at Diverse /Thy Verse/, the maiden edition hosted by Clemency Green [@thatpoetclem]. I felt… different, afterwards. Different in a way I can’t exactly lay a finger on. Thinking of the cold feet that tried to get a grip on me. It was truly an experience. I just feel kinda excited that I actually tried it out. Wasn’t so bad after all. Though it wasn’t such a perfect run. I know I’m right on track. God’s got me :)…

To write or not to write?

Nah, that’s left out

To speak or not to speak?

Now,thats the question that made my fear reach it’s peak.
You see,Home to me was what my shell was

My comfort zone, my favourite zone

my safety blanket, the one that warms you up the most

On the coldest nights, you know

That one that never lets you down

That lets you lie in green pastures

Or rather withered grass from past errs

and lost hope

She tells me I can’t cope

With the struggles and trails that life may bring

And that I’m better off without even trying

Once the Ying to my yang

The flip to my flop

My tango partner

The one whose music magically got me swaying to

The bitter bits of self doubt
We were inseparable

Like a snail to its shell

who retreats at the slightest sign of danger

So I was to strangers

The ones that tell you of things

To ‘try this out’, ‘Come out from your shell’

But that just seemed like hell to my ears

Cos for so long I’d listened to the devil’s lies

That lingered  even in my subconscious

And with his viles he construed my mind to believing I was just a  sea of confusion

Meanwhile what I really failed to see

Was that the shell was all a facade

A mask masking my inner strength

Shading the true length of whatever abilities that may be

And all I needed was the Son

To bask in His glory

And trust Him soley

I stand before you all

As I take a step in cracking that shell

Just as Rome wasn’t built in one day

The bricks of the wall I so diligently built round myself over the years can not be broken in one day

But I know they are crumbling

I feel it

I feel it in my bones

So though I may stumble and fall

Just like the sun that sets and rises up at dawn

I will rise again

I wasn’t

built to break.
*Dances in cracked up shell*💃💃💃.

Stay tuned to this space😘😘.



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