Where is the poem? 

A poem is rang on the street

It sounds with the wind

It is heard in the lightning

And in the thunder

Warning of a storm to come

It whistles through the leaves

Of the almond tree

And is heard in the drummer’s beats

But the poet is deaf
A poem creaks

Through the wooden door

It shuffles itself 

Beneath your converse sneakers

It cries out through your song playlist

And in the joyful screams

Of little  school girls running 

A poem is heard rattling

On the ankles of the dancers

It booms from the speakers

By the side of the street

But the poet hears narry
A poem sips out

From the pot of jollof rice on the stove

It is perceived in the baby powder

On her neck

And in the Old Spice on the guy

Who just passed

It is in the strawberry scent 

Of the pack of Orbit in your backpack

And in the red velvet cake in your mouth

A poem is smelt in the new shoes

You bought the day before

And in the sizzling hot dogs

Deep frying in the kitchen

It is in the pot of burnt rice

Left to meet your mother’s scolding

It is scented in the baby wipes

And in your mother’s perfume

But the poet has tubes stuck in his nostrils
A poem is seen in the color 

Of your favorite jeans

It is sighted in the sequins

Of her evening gown

It is seen in his checkered shirt

In the wooden beads on her hair

And in the artsy neckpiece he always wears

A poem is seen on the color of her lips

Skin and eyes

It is written on the billboards and sign posts

And also in your test scores on the noticeboard

It is seen in the architecture of the bank

And in the hedges around it

But the poet is blind
Who will be the lender of functional ears,noses and eyes??

~ ©Fiõda 

Photo credit:-Fiõda Gideon @justfioda 

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  1. ordinarily,I would have said”leave poem for poemer people”..but this one is on point! on killing!! on slaughter!!!…nice one dearie,see you at the top

    Liked by 1 person

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