My Appreciation Post 

“To everyone I didn’t mention, you all have a special place in my heart ”


It’s ‎the end of the year and people are expressing their gratitude. On social media; Instagram posts and Whatsapp stories alike. To their family, friends and generally people who made them smile.  You see this almost everywhere after someone has mentioned a couple of names or pictures or both and then they make that statement. Maybe not quite exactly but similar. And I’m scared. 
I’ve been thinking of doing an appreciation post and I’m scared of missing someone’s name out. Scared of forgetting someone who sees me much closer than I see them. I know how it feels to be swiping through a “friend’s” status  and not seeing your name or picture in their appreciation post and being included in “everyone I didn’t mention”. So I won’t be mentioning names. Right now as I type this post, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude, first to my Abba Father for everything that He is and for everything that He has done.  For never forsaking me throughout this year. Second of all,to my family, my friends, acquaintances and well wishers [my mother deserves a special appreciation]. I’m grateful to everyone who was patient enough to wait for me when I was late,  to everyone who put up with my weirdness, to those who believed in me and encouraged me, to those friends whose wounds made me stronger, to those who kept me in their prayers, the ones who gave me a reality check, and the ones who gave me a shoulder to cry on. 

I’m grateful to everyone who may never see this post,  the strangers who gave me directions when I lost my way, the little child whose smile brightened up my day, to the ones who allowed me to go ahead of them on the queue in the bank when I had to pay my hostel fees and my space was almost forfeited,to the exceptionally good people I met randomly that restore my faith in humanity. To everyone who ever took time to check out this blog and give feedback, y’all are the real MVPs. I’m grateful to YOU,yes you, reading this 🖤.I’m grateful for the good, the bad and ugly. 2017 for me was not a smooth ride in the park. But I’m thankful, regardless. 

Lastly, I’m forever grateful to my internal organs for never being itchy 😂😂.


~Fiõda Gideon 🖤



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