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Where is the poem? 

Posted: November 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

A poem is rang on the street

It sounds with the wind

It is heard in the lightning

And in the thunder

Warning of a storm to come

It whistles through the leaves

Of the almond tree

And is heard in the drummer’s beats

But the poet is deaf
A poem creaks

Through the wooden door

It shuffles itself 

Beneath your converse sneakers

It cries out through your song playlist

And in the joyful screams

Of little  school girls running 

A poem is heard rattling

On the ankles of the dancers

It booms from the speakers

By the side of the street

But the poet hears narry
A poem sips out

From the pot of jollof rice on the stove

It is perceived in the baby powder

On her neck

And in the Old Spice on the guy

Who just passed

It is in the strawberry scent 

Of the pack of Orbit in your backpack

And in the red velvet cake in your mouth

A poem is smelt in the new shoes

You bought the day before

And in the sizzling hot dogs

Deep frying in the kitchen

It is in the pot of burnt rice

Left to meet your mother’s scolding

It is scented in the baby wipes

And in your mother’s perfume

But the poet has tubes stuck in his nostrils
A poem is seen in the color 

Of your favorite jeans

It is sighted in the sequins

Of her evening gown

It is seen in his checkered shirt

In the wooden beads on her hair

And in the artsy neckpiece he always wears

A poem is seen on the color of her lips

Skin and eyes

It is written on the billboards and sign posts

And also in your test scores on the noticeboard

It is seen in the architecture of the bank

And in the hedges around it

But the poet is blind
Who will be the lender of functional ears,noses and eyes??

~ ©Fiõda 

Photo credit:-Fiõda Gideon @justfioda 

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Wanna Slay? Be at SWAY!

Posted: October 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Wanna slay (words)??

Be a Spoken Word Artiste in 8 weeks!!
You’ve seen the greats perform Spoken Word and you’ve wished for long to know how to do it like they do it. Wish no more as Rhyme N Reason presents the first Spoken Word School in Nigeria, Spoken Word Academy for Youths SWAY. 

The first Spoken Word School in Nigeria. For Ten Thousand (10,000) Naira you get to;

1. Learn the concept of imageries, punchlines, wordplays, etc

2. How to use body language to enhance your performance 

3. The art of public speaking 

4. And many more.
Date: October 14th to December 9th
Venue: Fountain Heights Highschool, Surulere, Lagos.
Time: 10 AM to 3 PM.
To register, call 08123851994 or send a mail to

Finally the shell is cracking off without damaging the egg within.
I performed a poem of mine in spoken word for the first time ever, on Saturday.This was at Diverse /Thy Verse/, the maiden edition hosted by Clemency Green [@thatpoetclem]. I felt… different, afterwards. Different in a way I can’t exactly lay a finger on. Thinking of the cold feet that tried to get a grip on me. It was truly an experience. I just feel kinda excited that I actually tried it out. Wasn’t so bad after all. Though it wasn’t such a perfect run. I know I’m right on track. God’s got me :)…

To write or not to write?

Nah, that’s left out

To speak or not to speak?

Now,thats the question that made my fear reach it’s peak.
You see,Home to me was what my shell was

My comfort zone, my favourite zone

my safety blanket, the one that warms you up the most

On the coldest nights, you know

That one that never lets you down

That lets you lie in green pastures

Or rather withered grass from past errs

and lost hope

She tells me I can’t cope

With the struggles and trails that life may bring

And that I’m better off without even trying

Once the Ying to my yang

The flip to my flop

My tango partner

The one whose music magically got me swaying to

The bitter bits of self doubt
We were inseparable

Like a snail to its shell

who retreats at the slightest sign of danger

So I was to strangers

The ones that tell you of things

To ‘try this out’, ‘Come out from your shell’

But that just seemed like hell to my ears

Cos for so long I’d listened to the devil’s lies

That lingered  even in my subconscious

And with his viles he construed my mind to believing I was just a  sea of confusion

Meanwhile what I really failed to see

Was that the shell was all a facade

A mask masking my inner strength

Shading the true length of whatever abilities that may be

And all I needed was the Son

To bask in His glory

And trust Him soley

I stand before you all

As I take a step in cracking that shell

Just as Rome wasn’t built in one day

The bricks of the wall I so diligently built round myself over the years can not be broken in one day

But I know they are crumbling

I feel it

I feel it in my bones

So though I may stumble and fall

Just like the sun that sets and rises up at dawn

I will rise again

I wasn’t

built to break.
*Dances in cracked up shell*💃💃💃.

Stay tuned to this space😘😘.




That feeling you get after reading a Francine Rivers books,
Or when you hear a Women of faith /Don Moen song.
That feeling you get when you use a cologne that smells like your mum, or when the woman serving food is extra nice to you.
That feeling you get when your cloth smells of camphor, or when you eat amala with your good friends
That feeling when you’re called by your house nickname, or when someone helps adjust your wrapper to cover you up in the night
That fresh grass scent, the cloudy sky threatening to break out and the warnings to take a cardigan along, that old worn shirt you never want to let go off.
That feeling of someone waking you up at 6 telling you it’s already 7:30 because you have a class by 8,
Or that feeling when you go through the old songs on…

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It Can’t Be Put Into Words

Posted: February 13, 2016 in Uncategorized



I wish to write

With profound language

But all I get is a

Second grade scribble.

Why can’t my thoughts

Form into smart words?

So many ideas of complexity

And possibly brilliance

That are trapped inside me.

Like a mute that wishes to speak.

A deaf to hear, the lame to walk.

It simply cannot happen,

And oh how it hurts!

Listen to what I’ve figured out!

But none of it makes sense to them.

Maybe one day someone shall…



Until then, I can only keep trying,

Though I’ll most likely fail,

To convey my thoughts and

Revelations in such a way to

Show intelligence and wonder.

I pray that the day shall soon come.


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Jingle Time Machine

Posted: December 27, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Still in the spirit of Christmas, it’s never too late to celebrate Christ😌. This lovely piece was written by a friend of mine who goes by the pen name Aderie…enjoy!


Smell the Coffee.

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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That wicked temptress,
She is so much fun to be with,
But isn’t much fun herself.
She is ever so courteous
And raps sweetly at your door
You know you shouldn’t let her in.
You know you have a choice
Not to let her in,
But you fling all caution to the wind
And open up wide.
“Come in, come in”,  you say to her
You’re  beguiled by her promise
To let Work take care of itself.
You hear the silent sobs of Work
To be attended to, he is on his knees
For a little attention.
She silences the ‘noise’ in your head.
“One more hour of sleep won’t hurt”,
She coos.
You realize you’re walking headlong
Unto Destruction Broadway
But who really cares?
Who even invented that silly quote
‘Time waits for no man’?
Time is your longtime friend
Ever faithful,
You wish.

That wicked temptress…
So she is wicked now,huh?
When she fed you extra,
Gave you an hour more of sleep,
Prevented you from getting some ‘disease’
From overworking,
She was your best bud then.
Before you foolishly fell prey to her wiles,
You were warned.
You shut your ears
To anyone who tried to warn you.
Now you’re sad 😥

Wake up and smell the coffee
Do something
Go an extra mile
Continue and finish up what you started
Reality has so much in store for you.
Vitanda est improba siren desidia: One must avoid that wicked temptress, Laziness.

The year is coming to an end. There are two ways to take this news. Either you’re like “Yay! Finally” or “Wow,so fast’, depending on how the year was for you. How would you review 2015? Full of bitterness and sadness or one of your best years yet? This is the time to start making resolutions and goals for the new year,if you haven’t already. Don’t be lazy. What would you love to start doing I’m 2016 and what habits would you want to end? I’ll tell you one I would so love to put a leash on…laziness 😪.

How far are you willing to push yourself in 2016? How far are willing to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, to try something new and adventurous? Wake up and smell the coffee, before life happens without you. Happy new year in advance🎉🎉. Stay blessed!!😘😘😘.