Let them rot away in the forest. Marry them off to strangers. Give them no education. No good food. Don’t bring them back. Hadiza is supposed to be in the university studying medicine to help her village back home but she’s carrying the third child of a thug. Keep her there till she dies in a latter birth. We sit back and dwell in our quixotic dreams of a better country, but never pray. We do all but speak good of our country, Nigeria. But what good is there? When we are all myopic-minded and chickenhearted. We shout ‘Up Chelsea’, ‘Up NEPA’, together with gladness…why don’t we jump up and raise the national flag. Raise the name together, as one.

The radicals parade with their placards. Who are they really speaking to? The ones on the couch, eyes glued to TV screen, making sounds of empathy but really waiting for the entertainment news. Or is it just a publicity stunt for a supposed propaganda? Is it political? Goodluck Jonathan is out, the placards are down. Why are we advocating to have them back? Is it better on this side? Are they even still alive? All these questions and more bug my sixteen year old mind.

Which way next Nigeria? What do we really want? When are  we going to regain the lost years and claim our motherland? Until we stop staggering in a blinding haze of chronic myopia and choose to see the light, the right way…don’t bring back our girls, our future.

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God is Not Dead!

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I hope this inspires someone….

Failing sucks,
It sure does.
Hands deep down in pockets
Head down.
Walking through the valley of damnation
Feels like a pitch dark alley
With attackers lurking around
In closed areas.
He feels like this is the end
Of the road for him.
The final bus stop
And the driver refuses to go on.
He wants to commit suicide.
He just cannot go on
With the stench of failure,
The agony of defeat.
He feels like the clouds
Did more than just rain down
Cats and dogs
Feels more like elephants
And buffaloes
He screams at the heavens
That is the only word
That seems to be entwined
With his gray matter.
Swimming in the pool
Created by his unending tears
He finally comes to realization
And acknowledges that
God is not dead.
            –‘Fiõda G.                 TheBlackGazelle…

I Believe.

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textgram_1451180272.pngI wrote this poem a long time ago. Well, precisely February,2014. How time flies! Very soon 2016 will be knocking at the door…

I believe in God
I believe in love
I believe in art
I believe in the rain
I believe in pain before gain
I believe in peace in Nigeria
I believe that the phrase
‘Peace in Nigeria’ could be used
As an example of simile
: As peaceful as Nigeria
Rather than as an example of irony
:Nigeria is a peaceful country
I believe in myself
That I can do all things
Through Christ who strengthens me
I believe in the color purple
I believe the grass on my side
Will grow greener
I believe in the Word of God
I believe in having dignity
And self respect
I believe in good books
I believe in waiting for the right time
I believe everyone is beautiful
You just have to search it out
I believe the sky is my limit
I believe in angels on earth
To make my life better
I believe that I’m a character in
A movie\book called Life
I believe in miracles
I believe in making mistakes
At first
I believe happiness
Comes first from within
I believe in trusting less
– ‘Fiõda G.


My Love for Spag.

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I remember high school days of spaghetti “spag.”, as we fondly called it. The good ole days. Tuesday and Friday mornings always had the dining hall filled up. Those were two days I almost never missed my breakfast. Know why?? It was spaghetti!!😜. Almost everyone loved spag. It was a mutual feeling. One always had to check for her cutlery the night before, in order not to be found wanting.*lol*

The drawing above was done with a pen and pencil. I won’t exactly call it a finished work, I just decided to stop there… I got the drawing from the cover of a book titled ‘The right way to eat spaghetti’. It is an etiquette book of manners you wish you knew.:roll:
      Stay blessed and keep chowing down spag.!!


I read this on a blog* this morning and I fell in love with the article. A lot of people are misusing and misunderstanding the Word of God and need to see the light. I personally had a clearer understanding of this particular scripture.

” ‘Judge not’, found in Matthew 7:1, may be the most misused phrase in Scripture. An increasing number of people, including Christians, use it to rebuke people who advocate God’s moral principles, especially those principles that oppose popular culture.

But Matthew 7:1-4 doesn’t teach against judgment; it teaches against hypocritical judgment. Pulling the words “Judge not” out of context distorts the meaning and contradicts the rest of Scripture.

God tells us to judge:
1. Bad companions –
1 Corinthians 15:33
2. False teachers – Matthew 7:15-20
3. Sin and unrepentant sinners –
Ephesians 5:1-13Matthew 18:15

God also tells church leaders to judge sinning members (1 Corinthians 5;Matthew 18:15-17).

We must judge ourselves and our motives first (Matthew 7:1-4), but when we have done that, it is God’s will that we judge sin and sinners. Not only does it benefit the church, it rescues and restores the sinner (James 5:19-20 ; Matthew 18:15).”
Stay blessed!😇



The Black Gazelle has been on a long break, virtually, due to a hundred and one (okay, not exactly a hundred and one, but you get what I mean) reasons. A major one is fear to go on. Fear of how my write-ups would be accepted. Fear of not having a large audience. Before I continue, I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been waiting for an update for like ever. Now I am ready to move on. I’m not promising to post every day, but I promise to go on. I’ve figured that in life you don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. In my case, to keep blogging.

YOU, dear reader don’t necessarily have to have it all figured out to move forward in life. Take the bull its horns and march ahead. If you think you are having a hard time give it all, yes ALL the worries, everything to God. As it is written in the Bible in the book of 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will]. Simply, give thanks. Not necessarily for every situation, but IN every situation. Even when you don’t see the bigger picture. Hold on to the promise of God that says that all things work together for good to them that love God. Stay blessed😘. Keep loving TheBlackGazelle.😍😍😍


People often mistake the concept of being ‘unique’ with being weird. One thing I feel people don’t get is that you being unique doesn’t automatically mean ‘weird’. You may appear quite normal while being yourself, but when people see you, they wonder. They be like ‘I don’t know, there’s just something different about her/him’.:DNow that’s unique! We don’t all have to appear weird to prove we are unique.

Let’s flip the coin. Sometimes you may actually be different in your own way but you’re called weird. What do you do? Take a reality check, to see if you’re actually unique (in your own way)or just being weird. In all, be yourself.

One thing that people don’t know is that there are lot of unique weird stereotypes everywhere. On Planet Earth. On their quest to ‘uniquedom’, they go gaga. Thus, making being ‘unique’ common. Although, there are people who are actually unique but seen as weird, when they are just being themselves. An example is moi. Some peeps call me “weird” when in real sense I don’t actually see anything ‘out there’ in me.

Rounding up this musing, be yourself (I know it sounds cliché), okay, let me correct that: Be yourself, by being who your creator made you to be, by fulfilling purpose. Fulfill purpose without doing so to please any man but  putting God first in all. TheBlackGazelle has spoken. Once again dare to be unique, but don’t go to the extreme, becoming Captain Weird & loosing the true you (the God-made you) in the process.