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A Chilly Visit

Posted: January 14, 2017 in Poetry

​Harmattan revisited this morning

With a gentle yet pronounced kiss

He sauntered in with no fore warning

And owned the place

I don’t know what time he’ll go

But I sure do not want a lengthy visit
My estranged lover

Gave me a visit

An unexpected one to be told

He promised to make me white

With fear

I always figured he was delusional

I forgot to put up my guard last night

So he barged in this morning

With a mission

‘To dry me up’

To make my streams of water

Colder than ice

He gave his word

To ‘take care’ of everyone else 

If he did it before

He can do it again

                                                 ©Fiõda Gideon


 I woke up this morning to a white face and a literal set of cold feet. So I set my pen in motion and came out with the two poems above. Both poems are harmattan inspired. 

Vaselined  lips and icy baths ☕